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​Overseas dispatch personnel and labor management

1. Overseas dispatch personnel and labor management


The Malaysian Employment Act 1955 was enacted in 1955 and revised six times thereafter, and the final revision was made in 2012, especially for wages. It specifies in detail the establishment and termination of the contract, matters in which the contract is violated by the employee and the employee, the wage payment system, maternity protection for female workers, and protection for foreign domestic workers.


Local corporations established in Malaysia are the subject of the rights granted by the country in which they are located, and apply the laws of the relevant country, not the domestic labor standards law, in principle. Therefore, it is recommended to establish and apply the HR guidelines according to the characteristics of the corporation when operating a local corporation. Employers and workers can be protected from possible legal issues.

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2. Personnel labor consulting service process

​▶ Initial diagnosis and maintenance


3. Provision of regular advisory service

​※ Inquiry about service cost separately

① Responding to customer inquiries related to labor and labor at all times (wireline and e-mail consultation)

② Service to prepare various personnel and labor related official documents such as opinions upon customer request

③ Send the latest revised laws and precedent information at any time

④ Provision of various forms related to personnel and labor

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