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    U1 Business Areas ​Overseas immigration, visa, real estate U1 INTERNATIONAL Asia Luxury Real Estate U LUX ASIA Health & Medical Trade, E-COMMMERCE U1 JANA / U2 ​The latest trends and announcements About Us No posts published in this language yet Once posts are published, you’ll see them here. PRACTICE Field of expertise Overseas market research Local settlement integrated service Technology export business Advancement strategy consulting Accounting, audit, tax, liquidation Trade Mission Support Project OUR TEAM All executives and employees are composed of local resident experts, and local employees and strategic partners conduct consulting projects as a one-team for customer satisfaction. View more Incorporation Export voucher business ​Partners ​Small and Medium Venture Business Department ​Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Hana Bank SGI Seoul Guarantee​ ​Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia Ministry of Tourism View more

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    About Governor Kuala Lumpur Headquarters KL Trillion, C-L07-01, No.338 Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ​070-8260-7850, +60)3-2725-9210 ​Governor of Joho 1-1, Level 1, Teega Tower, Jalan Laksamana, Puteri Harbor 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia ​070-7895-2752, +60)7-556-8144 ​Seoul Branch 75th Avenue Building, 442 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Second floor 02-501-0567, 02-501-0561 ​Kota Kinabalu Office S-82, Level 2, Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ​+60)88-477-611

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    To see this working, head to your live site. All Posts My Posts Login / Sign up 게시판 Sort by: Recent Activity Follow All Categories Create New Post Comments Views Recent Activity Item option menu 미용업 창업방법 알고싶어요 아이들 국제학교 입학으로 말레이시아에 가게되었는데 속눈썹 펌 및 반영구샵을 운영하고 싶은데 가능할까요? 자세한 방법을 알고싶습니다 노신정 1 0 Jan 03 소규모 카페창업 관련하여 질문 드립니다 Daisy 1 0 Apr 14, 2022 해외지점 설립 wayne 3 0 Jul 19, 2021 말레이시아페낭에 투자하는 이유가 무엇일까요 ? albert CHO 4 1 Jul 02, 2021 말레이시아MCO와 CMCO가 뭔가요 코로나기간에 방문시 필요한 사항이니 알고 싶습니다. albert CHO 1 1 Apr 08, 2021 안녕하세요. 말레이시아에서 창업에 관심이 있는 청년 입니다. 원종화 1 0 Mar 31, 2021 법인설립 관련 문의 Steve Shin 1 0 Mar 30, 2021 한의원 개원 문의 이수연 1 1 Mar 29, 2021 말레이시아 법인설립 및 사업가능여부 nysbey 1 0 Mar 29, 2021 학원 설립 문의 박나영 1 0 Mar 26, 2021 법인설립 (미용관련) 줄리아 1 0 Mar 26, 2021 커피숍 개업관련 여쭤봅니다. 최혜정 1 0 Mar 26, 2021 법인자본금 문의 albert CHO 1 0 Mar 25, 2021 유원솔루션 홈페이지 개편안내 albert CHO 0 0 Mar 25, 2021 취업비자 문의드립니다. KANG Minsoo 1 0 Mar 25, 2021 Follow All Categories Create New Post Forum - Frameless

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    ​Overseas corporation/branch establishment 1. Malaysia corporation establishment All companies in Malaysia are regulated by the Companies Act of 1965 (CA). The law stipulates that all companies must register with the Malaysian Business Council (SSM) to conduct business in any form. Corporations are indicated as "Sendirian Berhad; Sdn.Bhd.", and listed companies are indicated as "Berhad; Bhd.". When registering as a corporation, it is registered with the Corporate Committee (SSM) along with an appointed authorized secretary. The corporate secretary is responsible for the efficient management of the company to ensure that the organization complies with relevant laws and regulatory requirements and to implement resolutions at the board of directors. It is called “secretary”, but the actual role is not the office worker or the secretary of the company. Secretari is appointed by the board of directors and acts as a representative for legal documents, and the largest part of its responsibility is to ensure that the company and its directors are legally operated within the limits of the law. In addition, it is the responsibility of the company to communicate with shareholders to legally pay their dividends, and to keep and maintain company records such as directors, shareholder registers, and annual accounts. 2. Types of corporations and establishment procedures (excluding Korean corporations) ① Sendirian Berhad (Sdn. Bhd.)-Private Limited Co., Ltd. ​ In general, all legal entities established are Sdn. Bhd. Is established. It is composed of shareholders and directors and has independent authority. At this time, the shareholders can be a corporation and an individual, and the directors must be individuals. Must be listed. It is possible to establish a minimum of 2 ringgit, but the required minimum capital varies depending on the business type. It can be established with 100% foreign capital. But this will also be required, so the locals when license applications should be in accordance with the sector's shares. Execute independent financial statements. ② Foreign Branch Office-Overseas branch ​ It is a legal entity established when a head office located outside of Malaysia wants to establish a branch in Malaysia. The head office must appoint a branch manager to represent the branch, and in the case of a branch, unlike an independent corporation, a local agent, not a secretary, must be appointed and registered, and the local agent is responsible for ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. In the case of capital, the registered capital is applied based on the capital stock of the head office. The financial statements linked with the head office must be executed. ​As it is limited to the business type of the head office, there are restrictions on overseas business. ③ Representative Office-Liaison Office Establishing a liaison office in Malaysia at the head office outside of Malaysia, and limited to market research or cooperative work of the head office. Activity is possible. Established by registering with the Investment Promotion Agency (MIDA), not the Corporate Committee (SSM). Register with the Investment Promotion Agency (MIDA) an accounting report stating that you have spent more than RM300,000 in operating expenses for a minimum year. 1. Malaysia corporation establishment

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    ​Overseas branching business 2. Details of support for overseas branching projects 1. Overseas branching business information ​This is a business that utilizes the overseas network of public institutions as a local business base in order to promote the overseas expansion and export of domestic small and medium-sized companies. Purpose of business​ -Supporting exports and overseas expansion by acting as a local branch for small and medium-sized companies that lack the ability to set up branch offices overseas -Expanding the choice of companies participating in the project by integrating similar projects of three organizations (KOTRA- branching project, KOSME-private network utilization project, OKTA-global marketer) Business scale-30 billion won, around 5,000 companies Ministry-Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Implementing Agency-Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KTORA), Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation (KOSME), World Korean Trade Association (OKTA) 3. Overseas branching business procedure guide 4. Introduction of the company As a representative brand for comprehensive support for small and medium-sized businesses operated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Enterprise Madang provides services by gathering complex and difficult-to-find small and medium-sized business support business information in one place, as well as useful event information, policy news, and tenant companies as a guide for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide a variety of contents for small and medium-sized businesses such as recruitment announcements. Policy Information-You can search for various SME support projects in the Support Projects tab. Go to the corporate yard 5. Search for support programs ​​Search by region, field, and customized service support programs (refer to the figure below) ​In addition to various event information, policy news, etc. Go to Support Project Inquiry

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    ​Relocation and settlement of residents 1. Expatriate relocation and settlement service When dispatching expatriates, there are quite a lot of things you need to do, from preparing a residence visa to stay in the country of residence, choosing a place of residence, school for your children, and early settling. Local experts from U1 Solutions closely provide the safest and fastest service to dispatched companies and expatriate families. ① ​Expatriate visa service / Guide to entry and exit procedures Through detailed consulting for each type of visa suitable for the Malaysian dispatch type, we help companies and dispatchers to prepare their visa in the most accurate and reliable way. After the coronavirus, we can safely start dispatch work by consulting on the preparation process and procedures in various immigration-related regulatory situations . ​② Children's International School Admissions Selection Service The most worrying part when working overseas is the continuity of children's education. We provide one-on-one counseling on the admissions process of Malaysia's excellent international schools according to your situation. Through the first consulting, we narrow the scope of candidates and visit each school in person to provide a one-stop service until school tour and admission documents are received and final admission. ③ ​Residential exploration / rental contract support ​ Choosing the most important place to live in overseas dispatch. We provide close consulting so that dispatchers can select the most comfortable residential area considering all aspects of living environment, educational environment, and surrounding living environment. We provide assistance from property selection to unfamiliar real estate lease procedures and contract review in Malaysia. ④ Initial migration and settlement service ​ A local Malaysian expert will guide you through all necessary preparations for your life in Malaysia. You can quickly and reliably set up various parts required at the beginning, such as opening a mobile phone and internet, information on major living infrastructure, installation of water purifiers, hospitals, government offices, bank account openings, insurance information, etc. without trial and error. ​ ⑤ Tax consulting / year-end settlement and report Local income tax settlement on local salaries, tax deductions, tax issues when holding real estate, and local and local tax laws. We provide professional consulting not only for dispatched expatriates, but also for inquiries related to tax/labor affairs of local subsidiaries at dispatched companies. ​⑥ Arrival/Departure pickup / vehicle purchase and rental From airport pick-up upon arrival in Malaysia, to local car rental, car purchase, sale, insurance, etc., we provide vehicle operation solutions that are essential to expatriates and dispatching companies. We cooperate with reliable local vehicle dealers and rental companies to provide prompt and safe guidance on your requests.

  • 기업맞춤형 홈스테이 | 유원솔루션

    ​Customized Homestay 1. Corporate Homestay Program This is a homestay service designed and provided tailored to the needs of companies when dispatching short- and long-term personnel to Malaysia. It alleviates the hassle of companies that occur when dispatching short and long-term personnel, enables smooth tax deduction through accurate evidence of related expenses incurred locally, manages the lives of expatriates in a more hygienic and healthful manner, and eliminates problems with adaptation to life outside of work. It is a program that allows you to focus on your original work by solving it. ✔ Alleviate the burden of initial preparation for dispatched companies, support for dispatched personnel, various deposits, utility bills, and settlement of expenses ✔ Enhance the stability and accuracy of employee management, ensure the health and dietary life of dispatched employees, improve work efficiency, and facilitate rotational work ✔ When at least 6 people are dispatched, a manager in charge of management, a man in charge of cleaning and laundry, and a commuter shuttle bus are provided. When dispatching human resources to Malaysia for a short or long period of time, careful and accurate preparation is required for the quick input of the dispatched personnel and high work efficiency. Yoowon reduces the burden of preparation for dispatched companies and supports the dispatcher's stable and fast local settlement through the company-customized homestay service designed in perfect response to the needs of the company. ① Dispatch of short-term residents (staying 3 to 6 months) When dispatching human resources to Malaysia for a short or long period of time, careful and accurate preparation is required for the quick input of the dispatched personnel and high work efficiency. Yoowon reduces the burden of preparation for dispatched companies and supports the dispatcher's stable and fast local settlement through the company-customized homestay service designed in perfect response to the needs of the company. ​② Dispatch of long-term project personnel (more than 6 months) Homestay program is provided when long-term expatriates are dispatched for more than 6 months. In a stable living environment (lodging, meals, cleaning, laundry, etc.) It allows you to focus on your work. Various deposits and Reduce utility bill settlement problems and provide consulting on local income tax Available. Individual dispatch/companion with family, etc. So you can choose the most suitable option according to Solutions. 2. Corporate Homestay Program: Example ​Example 1) We plan to dispatch management and technical personnel to Johor Bahru's hotel construction for 3 months. ▶ A variety of expenses and cumbersome settlement processes such as obtaining suitable visas and approvals for the field personnel, rental fees, various deposits, utility bills, Korean TV channels, car rental and living expenses, meal support, etc. It can be solved one-stop through. By providing the health and comfortable life of the expatriates, focusing on work from the beginning of the dispatch, the work efficiency of the dispatched personnel and the company's profits can be increased . ​Example 2) I need to dispatch personnel to enter the field of the Sabah Industrial Complex, but I am worried about the lives of the employees because there is nothing around them. ▶ Through analysis by local experts, we propose accommodations with the best living conditions and location conditions in the region where each company enters, and manage the condition of the expatriates through thorough accommodation management and diet management by a dedicated manager. We provide high convenience even when dispatching remote areas through the supply of Korean goods within the accommodation. If it is necessary to provide a lunch box or catering service due to on-site conditions, you can apply for the service. By providing flexible vehicle operation in case of commuting vehicles and overtime or early commuting to work, we increase the utility of corporate manpower. ​Example 3) As the local project has been prolonged, it is necessary to set up accommodation and living conditions suitable for family life. ▶ It is possible to convert accommodation and living environment into a form suitable for long-term stay through additional consulting for expatriate services. As a relocation and settlement service of U1 , local experts prepare essential matters such as housing, daily life utilities, children's education, and vehicles. 3. Company-tailored homestay program: Condo / residential type Providing accommodation in consideration of convenience and location Optimal diet management including Korean and special meals Dedicated management such as laundry and cleaning ​Estimated cost for dispatching one resident Accommodation rental fee RM 2,000 ~ 4,000 per month Meal expenses RM 2,000 or more per month Utility-Internet, water purifier, electricity bill, etc. RM 600 or more Car rental fee, fuel fee of RM 3,000 or more Other expenses RM 1,000 or more ​Initial various deposits ​Approximately RM 8,000 ~13,000 occurrence Monthly fixed cost ​Approximately RM 8,600 ~ 12,000 required ​When using a company-customized homestay Optimal accommodation allocation in consideration of convenience and working location Strict diet management including Korean/special meals Including a manager in charge of cleaning / laundry / accommodation management Internet, water purifier, all kinds of utilities included Commuter vehicle provision / Korean real-time TV provision Cost reduction effect + maximization of life satisfaction of dispatched employees ​When 6 people are dispatched. Per person ​About 10% ~ 30% cost reduction When more than 10 people are dispatched. ​30% or more cost savings per person 4. Company-tailored homestay program: Hotel/Resort type Support for hotel use contracts with favorable conditions Korean meal included / with dedicated manager ​Pros and cons of dispatch through a long-term hotel contract When dispatched through a hotel contract, there are many advantages, such as excellent convenience in general, private room allocation for each employee, room-keeping service, and hotel meals. However, in general, there is a high level of usage and laundry costs compared to the rent of a house, and there are many cases where it is difficult to adapt due to limited diet composition. ​Yuwon's customized homestay: hotel options Select suitable hotels through U1's own local network / See We support you to proceed with the use contract on favorable terms. The advantages of using the hotel remain the same, and additionally Korean-style meals that cannot be provided at local hotels / We provide essential additional services such as a dedicated management manager. Necessary for adaptation to the dispatcher such as support for purchasing Korean TV and Korean goods Additional service support. Through coordination with the hotel We improve living conditions to enable a longer life. ​Convenience of the hotel + Homestay stability + Employee diet management / Adaptation to life problem solving = Enterprise tailored Homestay: Hotel

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    ABOUT US U1 Solutions U1 Solutions is an official certified company which holds the license to carry out local business normally. For the establishment of a incorporation, tax accounting, dispatch of expatriates, and settlement in market research for stable local advancement of Korean companies. We provide a ONE-STOP SERVICE to local living support. 유원솔루션스 사무실 (1) 유원 솔루션스 사무실 2 쿠알라룸프르 공유오피스 조호바루 공유오피스 (1) Establishment of the company License registration Bookkeeping, accounting management, settlement service Accounting audit service Applying for a work visa or companion visa Shared office, virtual office Tax filing and advisory service (corporate, individual) Market research agency service ​Representative history of U1 Group 2008 Founded Malaysia Investment Migration Association 2004 Opened U1 INTERNATIONAL Korea office, cooperated with Korea Exchange Bank for foreign exchange remittance, registered as official Korean agency by Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia 2002 U1Consultancy SDN.BHD. Incorporation Business management license The license we hold provides ONE-STOP SERVICE from market research to corporate establishment, tax accounting, and local living support for the settlement of dispatched employees and expatriates for the stabilization of local companies in order to deliver accurate information. 현지 세무법인등록 현지 MM2H 라이선스 현지 정부 후원레터 현지 비자 라이선스 현지 관광 라이선스 관광 라이선스 교육 라이선스 (어학원) 외교부 등록증 제조 라이선스 외국기업 프로젝트 라이선스 현지기업 G7 라이선스 JV 라이선스 인허가보증보험증권 2020 Korea Consumer Preferred Brand Awards (Overseas Migration Corporation), Established U LUX ASIA SDN BHD Consulting Firm , Selected as an OKTA Export Voucher, Established U1 JANA TRADING SDN BHD Medical Trade Firm, Obtained Approval for Official Antibacterial Product Certification by Ministry of Health, Malaysia 2019 Korea Consumer Preferred Brand Awards (Malaysia Specialized Group Category), East Malaysia MM2H License Acquisition 2018 U1 INTERNATIONAL Kota Kinabalu branch opened, KL & JB business gallery (exhibition center) and OKTA publicity exhibition center, Korea power leader award, U1 International Korea corporation establishment 2017 U1 SOLUTIONS SDN BHD corporation establishment , U1 CKH SDN BHD restaurant franchise corporation establishment, Korea Consumer Preferred Brand Award (Malaysia Division) 2016 U2 INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD Joho Branch opened, Korea Corporate Management Award (Global Management, KEMA) 2015 U2 INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD corporation establishment (Real estate investment, marketing corporation, Korea Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sponsored'Halal and food service industry policy direction' seminar invited lecture 2012 Acquired MM2H license, the only Korean company, renamed U1 INTERNATIONAL (MM2H) SDN BHD 2011 Jeju Self-Governing Province Overseas Investment Promotion Business Partnership, MICE Performance: Prudential Life Insurance Our Team All employees are made up of local resident experts, and local employees and strategic partners conduct consulting projects as a one-team for customer satisfaction. Hyun CHO, CEO • Group business management • OKTA Malaysia Vice President, KOTRA Regional Expert Committee, former) President of Malaysian Migration Association Gi sik, KIM, Director •Foreign exchange and financial services consulting Branch Office of Korea Corporation, Former Head of Foreign Exchange Bank Branch Jin Hyun, KIM, General Manager Local investment advisory, market research, seminar, event planning •Factory establishment, real estate advisory Yeong Won, Ku, Manager Overseas expansion and market research, one-stop service Buyer Matching, Investment Attraction, Accounting Major LEE Yin Peng, Director Certified accountant, tax accounting auditor Accounting advisory, supervisory of the secretary Gary LEE, Partner Advocates & Solicitors, Legal Counsel JV contract review, M&A law manager Victoria.C, Manager Local market research and marketing expert, event planning •Finding buyers Francis, Manager •Development of sales channels, discovery of distribution channels •Export marketing support Hye Seong, AHN, Managing Director Corporate affairs general, local tax accounting solution proposal Local expansion planning, investment attraction, JV negotiation contract expert •License, public procurement project proposal Min Sung, KIM, General Manager Overseas migration business, Malaysia local investment guide Visa guide to the country of residence, operation of a Korean corporation Sang Gil, KIM, Center Manager Support for small and medium-sized businesses, export voucher business Export Marketing (Management Instructor), Doctor of Technology Management Jung Soo, KIM, Manager Reviewing the feasibility of overseas expansion, finding buyers Branching service, distribution channel operation, civil engineering major WONG Siew Lee, Supervisor Certified accountant, tax accounting auditor •Providing tax accounting consulting and localization solutions Norhaslinda, General Manager Local government affairs, local negotiation activities General management of residence visa work, license acquisition Ija, Admin & Account Local market research, accounting support, license acquisition •Public office work Nikhill, Manager Distribution manager, buyer discovery, trade support Online, influencer marketing Kelvin, Manager Support for East Malaysia expansion, buyer matching, East Malaysia (KK) market research Need more details? Contact us We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels. Contact Us

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    ​Overseas Direct Investment Procedure Guide 1. Target of overseas direct investment report Foreign currency securities acquisition ​(Enforcement Decree of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act Article 8, Paragraph 1) ​ When the share or investment stake acquired to participate in the management of a corporation established in accordance with foreign laws and regulations (including a corporation under establishment) accounts for 10% or more of the total number of issued shares or investments of the foreign corporation In case of additional acquisition of stocks or investment shares of a foreign corporation that has already invested Acquisition of foreign currency loans ​(Enforcement Decree of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act Article 8 (1) 4) ​ When a resident who has invested in a foreign corporation in accordance with the above foreign currency securities acquisition method lends money to the foreign corporation with a repayment period of at least 1 year Establishment, expansion and operation of overseas offices or payment of funds for overseas business activities (Article 8, Paragraph 2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act) ​ When establishing, expanding, or operating a business office in a foreign country, or providing funds for conducting overseas business activities ▶ Installation fees and operating funds of foreign branches or offices ▶ Funds for residents to establish and operate a non-corporate enterprise in a foreign country ▶ Funds for overseas resource development projects or social overhead capital development projects pursuant to Article 2 of the Overseas Resource Development Business Act However, research funds for overseas resource development and purchases of overseas resources are excluded. ※ Note: Those who are tax delinquent, who are subject to credit management, and who are undergoing overseas migration procedures are not eligible investors and cannot make direct overseas investment. 2. Obligation to report and report on foreign direct investment (Foreign Exchange Transactions Act Article 18, Regulations 9-5, 9-9) In case of overseas direct investment, residents must report and report. Violations may result in administrative dispositions such as fines for negligence or suspension of transactions, or criminal penalties such as imprisonment or fines, so be sure to be careful. ​Obligation to notify in advance in case of overseas direct investment ​For foreign direct investment and overseas real estate acquisition, you must visit a foreign exchange bank for consultation in advance, prepare the required documents, and report to the bank manager. If you wish to change the previously reported information, you must notify the designated foreign exchange bank in advance. Obligation to notify in advance for changes in report content Reporting obligation Investors must submit the specified report together with the attached documents to the post-management foreign exchange bank within the deadline. 3. Step-by-step performance obligations for foreign direct investment and overseas real estate acquisition ​① Foreign direct investment and overseas real estate acquisition prior notification ​② Remittance and investment ③ Acquisition report: Overseas direct investment-within 6 months Overseas real estate acquisition-within 3 months ④ Financial statements report: Overseas Direct Investment-Within 5 months after the end of the annual accounting period ​Overseas real estate-every 2 years ⑤ Occurrence of reason (stock transfer, liquidation, disposal) Overseas Direct Investment-Immediate report of disposal and collection of funds ​Overseas real estate-Report within 3 months after disposal 4. Foreign Direct Investment Report and Documents to be Submitted ​① Common documents to be submitted Foreign direct investment report, business plan Investor confirmation document* -Corporation: Copy of business registration card, tax payment certificate -Individual business owner: Copy of business registration card, copy of resident registration, tax payment certificate -Individual: Resident registration copy, tax payment certificate ​② Additional documents to be submitted Monetary loan contract: For loan investments with a repayment period of more than 1 year Joint venture contract: In case of joint venture with foreign capital In-kind investment statement: In case of in-kind investment Other documents deemed necessary by the head of a foreign exchange bank ③ Caution The content of the report must match the actual investment (as long as). If the par value of the local corporation stock or equity that is to be acquired is different from the acquisition price, you may be required to submit an evaluation form (review) by a professional evaluation agency to confirm the adequacy of the difference. Even if a local corporation that has already been established makes a capital increase (including increased investment, free increase, and in-kind investment), it must be reported to the foreign exchange bank in accordance with the new report. 5. Notification of changes to foreign direct investment related contents ​① Documents to be submitted Report on change of foreign direct investment details (including previous report) Statement of reason for change of foreign direct investment Subsidiary establishment contract and subsidiary business plan (if applicable) Transfer agreement (Documents to be submitted for transfer between residents) ​② Notes If there is any change in the content of the report, you must report it in advance. ※ Changes in the ownership ratio of local subsidiaries or the establishment of a subsidiary (grandchild) company, changes in investment amount, and liquidation are also subject to notification. In the case of transfer of shares between residents, the transferor must report a change in content and the transferee must report a new foreign direct investment. ※ In the following cases, follow-up reporting is possible within 3 months. -When the name of the investor, the representative, the location, the name of the local corporation, and the location are changed -In cases where it is not appropriate to change after prior notification due to the merger or division of investors, urgent business circumstances, etc., and no additional amount is required.

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