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​Application for various licenses

1. Malaysia Business License Acquisition Guide

In order for a local subsidiary in Malaysia to conduct business, it must obtain a business license (license) for each type of business from the relevant institution.

In accordance with the Malaysian Companies Act (1965) and the Company Registration Committee (SSM) for each business type, it is possible to obtain a license and issue a work permit only when the requirements for minimum paid-in capital and local participation are satisfied. You can minimize risk and reduce costs.

​​▶ License type

① Business: Approval for workplaces such as offices or retail. Apply to the competent city hall

② CIDB: Construction license

③ WRT: Approval for wholesale business, retail business, and trade business (apply for 100% foreign stamp)

④ MLM: Approval for multi-level marketing

⑤ Manufacturing license: related to factory operation such as manufacturing and processing

⑥ Education license: language academy, etc.

⑦ Tourism license: travel business, etc.

⑧ Other

1. Manufacturing business license

그림4 워터.png

① Under the Malaysian Industrial Co-ordination Act 1975, manufacturers with a capital of RM2.5 million or more or employing 75 or more full-time workers may apply for a manufacturing license.

② If you are an export company, you must also apply for an export license.

2. Logistics business license

-If a foreign company wants to secure forwarding, land transportation, and warehousing licenses for comprehensive logistics business, each type of license must be obtained individually.

-License acquisition procedure and requirements

✔ Forwarding License: Operated on a quota system. Not easy to acquire.

✔ Qualification requirements such as investment scale, facilities, and professional manpower are very difficult

✔ In general, when promoting a comprehensive logistics business, it is most often promoted in the form of partnership with a local license company.

3. Construction business license

To conduct the construction industry in Malaysia, you must have a license issued by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). Construction here is broader than the general scope of the construction industry, and covers the entire construction, extension, installation, repair, maintenance, repair, dismantling, reconstruction, transformation, and demolition of buildings and structures.

① Comparison between permanent license (G1-G7) and project license


① Permanent license

영구 면허 워터마크.png
  • Grade


▶ For grade, capital, technical manpower, and CEO's career are reviewed to decide whether to approve it or not.

  • Project license

프로젝트 면허 워터마크.png

▶ Provisional Registration Certificate: This is a license to participate in the bidding.



▶ Registration Certificate: License to perform construction work

4. Tourism business license


① You can apply for an inbound license with 100% foreign capital.

② Shareholders (company) must prove their experience in operating related businesses in their country of origin.

5. Education business license

교육업 워터마크.png

① Language school: You can apply for a license with 100% foreign capital.

② Tuition Center: License acquisition is possible only with 100% local capital.

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