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​Technology export business consulting

1. Technology export business consulting

Definition of technology export business-'Create added value through transfer, transaction, diffusion and application of developed technology to realize the potential value of possessed technology

Types of technology export business-Transfer, license permission, technology guidance, joint research, technology start-up, joint venture or merger and acquisition, etc. Recently, public research institutes such as universities are through technology investment methods such as joint venture and technology holding company establishment. We are activating direct commercialization.

Project deliverables



-Patent (IP)

- Technic article


Project deliverables


Project deliverables


-Market Resarch

-3C analysis

-STP strategy / 4P plan

- invest

Business scenario


Project deliverables


-Market (Volume)

-Sales (M/S)


-Profit and loss (P/L)


​(Biz Value)

2. Technology export commercialization consulting

-Prior technology research and technology evaluation

-Overseas market research

-Excellent technology presentation

-B2B consultation

-Technology transaction negotiation and MOU signing

-Technology transfer contract signed

비즈니스 미팅

​3.Technology exportation consulting process


① Technology discovery

  • ​Discovering Competitive Technology


② Technology transaction target selection

  • ​Qualitative/quantitative technology value evaluation of secured technology

  • Establishment of trading strategies according to the type and type of technology

  • ​Investigation and analysis of consumers (those who wish to introduce)


③ Marketing

  • Expected maximum effect at minimum cost

Review plan and prepare marketing materials

  • Discovery and contact with potential consumers

  • ​Technology consumer/supplier preliminary matching


④ Negotiation

  • Presentation of the terms of technology transfer (Term Sheet)

  • Establishing a negotiation strategy

  • ​Conduct negotiations on terms and content of technology transfer


⑤ Contract

  • Preparation and review of the draft agreement


⑥ Follow-up management

  • Monitoring compliance with the terms of the contract

  • Due diligence and reporting

  • ​Payment of management expenses, etc.

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