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​Trade mission visit consulting

1. Trade Mission Support Project

With the know-how unique to U1 Solutions, we aim to match the actual partners desired by customers through a rich database and local network in a mutually friendly relationship with the Korean government, companies, Malaysian governments, and companies. We provide customized support for KOTRA and local governments' trade missions from before to after their visit to Malaysia, from business meetings to overall business trips. We are marketing various tangible and intangible Korean products in Malaysia, and we are doing our best to match the most suitable buyers in a short period of time through online and offline.

2. What is the KOTRA Trade Mission Project?

KOTRA organizes sales teams with local governments and related organizations for the overseas expansion of domestic SMEs, and provides export consultation opportunities with local buyers through overseas dispatch or video consultation. KOTRA's Overseas Trade Center supports the export of domestic companies by supporting consultation with local buyers.

① Companies subject to application

Small and medium-sized businesses that wish to enter overseas markets, such as domestic/export beginners, venture companies, etc.

② Participation fee

Participation Fee: Free

​Individual travel expenses (lodging expenses, airfare, etc.)

③ Support information

Preparation and provision of market research reports by country of visit for the requested item

One-on-one export consultation with professional buyers from each country of visit is held

Provision of overseas market information and opportunities for promotional activities using KOTRA brands

A/S support after export consultation

④ Procedure

01. Check the annual plan on KOTRA website (

02.   Application for participation in the dispatch agency (local government, relevant period, etc.)

03.   Marketability survey for desired export items at the Overseas Trade Center

04.   Dispatching agency selects exhibitors and dispatches delegations

05.   Promote 1:1 export consultation with buyers prepared by the Overseas Trade Center

06.   Follow-up support for foreign trade offices-Organizing local government trade missions, dispatching activities on behalf of Vacuum

⑤ Notes

You must comply with the prescribed application procedures and the procedures for selecting exhibitors set by KOTRA.

After the 15th day of selection as a participating company, you must be held responsible for the prohibition of cancellation of participation and any problems arising from cancellation.

During the period of local activities, you must faithfully participate in the support guidelines and counseling arrangements of foreign trade officials.

You must take comprehensive responsibility for disputes over trademark rights, patent rights, utility model rights and other similar rights related to product promotion and consulting activities.

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