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Corporate real estate investment and lease

1. Corporate real estate investment and lease

Recently, as government regulations on domestic real estate have been strengthened in the era of low interest rates, interest in overseas real estate investment in regions where there are relatively few regulations and stable social systems as an alternative investment destination is high.

Malaysia has a stable social infrastructure, government policy, and exchange rates, and has the third highest national economic income in Southeast Asia after Singapore and Brunei. It can be expected that investors around the world are actively investing in real estate.


In addition, unlike China and Vietnam, which do not recognize land ownership by foreigners, foreigners are free to purchase not only buildings but also freehold real estate, which is recognized as land ownership, which is also the attractiveness of Malaysian real estate.

​① Acquisition of individual direct versus local corporation

There are two types of overseas real estate: a personal acquisition method and a local corporation acquisition method. Depending on the investment plan, investment scale, and operation plan, the investment method is decided through consultation with U1won.

The local corporation acquisition method is that a local corporation acquires local real estate. To do this, a corporation must be established locally before remittance of real estate investment funds.


​② Key differences between personal direct acquisition and local corporation acquisition


​③ U1 Solutions corporate real estate investment consulting service

We provide one-stop comprehensive service from initial purchase to sale.

  • Selection of optimal investment products through thorough analysis (stability, profitability, refundability) and evaluation of real estate properties

  • Stable investment portfolio that considers the customer's investment purpose and financial condition

  • Securing the safety and fairness of the contract process-Thorough verification of the contents of the contract and inspection of the toxin clause

  • Financial Service Consulting (Real Estate Loan and Overseas Remittance Guide)

  • SPA (Trade Agreement) and Loan Agreement Preparation Procedure-ESCROW safe transaction through U1 International's advisory attorney

  • Substitute related documents and work in each process until the final stage of contract completion

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