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​Information on obtaining a business license in Malaysia

​​▶ License type

① Business: Approval for workplaces such as offices or retail. Apply to the competent city hall

② CIDB: Construction license

③ WRT: Approval for wholesale business, retail business, and trade business (apply for 100% foreign stamp)

④ MLM: Approval for multi-level marketing

⑤ Manufacturing license: related to factory operation such as manufacturing and processing

⑥ Education license: language academy, etc.

⑦ Tourism license: travel business, etc.

⑧ Other

1. Manufacturing business license


① Qualifications for applying for a license

-Under the Malaysian Industrial Co-ordination Act 1975, manufacturers with capital of RM2.5 million or more or employing 75 or more full-time workers may apply for a manufacturing license.

① Application for manufacturing business license

-The application is submitted to the Malaysian Investment Promotion Agency (MIDA) and the approval is obtained from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

-In the case of exporting companies, you must also apply for an export license.

2. Logistics business license

① Application for license

-If a foreign company wants to secure a forwarding, land transportation, and warehousing license for a comprehensive logistics business, each type of license must be obtained individually.

② License acquisition procedure and requirements

-Forwarding License: Operated on a quota system. Not easy to acquire.

-Qualification requirements such as investment scale, facilities, and professional manpower are quite difficult

-In general, when a comprehensive logistics business is promoted, it is most often promoted in the form of affiliation with a local licensed company.

③ Logistics related license

-Forwarding Agent License, Trucking License, Trucking License, Warehousing License, Shipping License, etc.

-Each screening criteria is different, and investment in facilities such as warehouses, trucks, and terminals must be preceded.

3. Construction business license

To carry out the construction industry in Malaysia, you must have a license issued by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). Construction here is broader than the general scope of the construction industry, and encompasses the entire construction, extension, installation, repair, maintenance, repair, dismantling, reconstruction, transformation, and demolition of buildings and structures.

① Comparison between permanent license (G1-G7) and project license


① Permanent license


# Depending on the specialization, additional licenses or pre-registration may be required.

For example, for CE20 water supply systems, a C permit from the National Water Service Commission (SPAN) is required, and E12 electric signboards must be registered with the Energy Commission.

  • Grade


▶ For grade, capital, technical manpower, and CEO's career are reviewed to decide whether to approve it or not.


▶ For example, in the case of G7, 1 person with an architecture-related degree with a capital of 750,000 ringgit or more, 5 years or more experience, and 1 diploma holder (or 2 architecture-related degree holders, only) One person has more than 5 years of experience), and can be obtained when the CEO has more than 2 years of experience related to architecture.


▶ Registration Fee: G1 is 20 ringgit per year, G2 is 80 ringgit per year, and G7 is 1,400 ringgit per year


▶ Validity period of approval: Initial approval is conditionally issued with a validity period of 1 year

* You must complete the Integrity Course hosted by CIDB within 1 year from the date of initial issuance and acquire CCD (Continuous Contractor Development) Points, which must be acquired within 1 year.

* CCD Point: 40 points for G7.

CCD Point is a score awarded for competency development activities related to the construction industry.

For example, if you attend a workshop hosted by CIDB for more than 2 days, you will receive 20 points,

If you publish a book related to the construction industry with less than 100 pages, you will receive 15 points.


▶ License renewal: Apply 60 days before the expiration date.

-Depending on the CCD point, the renewal period is from 1 year to 3 years.

-In the case of G5 and G6, it is possible to extend 2 years at 60 CCD points, up to 3 years at 90 points

② Project license


▶ Provisional Registration Certificate: This is a license to participate in the bidding.

-Application preparation: application form, bid advertisement, invitation letter from the client


▶ Registration Certificate: License to perform construction work
-Application preparation: application form, Offer letter (Official Offer Letter of Work)

  • Validity period of registration certificate: The construction period specified in the offer letter of work.

-Extension: Apply for extension 14 days before the deadline.

  • Registration Fee

-Provisional Registration Certificate: 500 ringgit

-Registration Certificate: 4,500 ringgit

② Joint venture construction license


4. Tourism business license


① Can apply for inbound license with 100% foreign capital

② Shareholders (company) must have at least 5 years of experience in operating related businesses in their country of origin.

③ Minimum capital: RM1,500,000 or more

5. Education business license


① Language school: License application is possible with 100% foreign capital

② Tuition Center: Licenses can only be acquired with 100% local capital

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