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Application for export voucher business

1. Export voucher business information and support target

  • Companies wishing to develop export capabilities autonomously select and utilize export support services

  • Enterprise: a certain amount of self-pay, government: corresponding national subsidy, total amount-paid as an export voucher

  • Freely select the export support business that suits the company's export capabilities and carry out effective business

  • Remove partitions between government departments' export support projects and improve the quality and quantity of services to support organizations

Support Target (subject to the industry Ministry)

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 09.36.41.jpg

Support Target (SME Administration)

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 09.39.56.jpg

2. Contents of support for export voucher business

​Support contents (example)

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 09.47.17.jpg

3. Export Voucher Business Procedure

  • To receive an export voucher, you must first be selected as a participating company in the voucher business.

  • Refer to the announcement of recruitment of participating companies for each detailed project in the announcement on the export voucher portal,

  • In the business announcement, various business types categorized by export company's capabilities and industry are announced throughout the year.


4. Implementing Agency U1 International

  • As an OKTA-designated organization for export voucher business, U1 International is helping Korean companies create substantial export performance and customer profits through service programs in stages of entry, development, and expansion in Malaysia.

  • Entry-level service program


​Malaysia Market Research

​Discover and match local buyers

Marketability testing and procurement consulting

​Providing local exhibition hall services

  • Development, expansion stage service program

Local marketing

​Export (advancement) support

​Local corporation establishment service

​Local branch service

​Recruitment Announcement

Participating Company Application

  • Refer to the website of the relevant export voucher system for the annually announced application details.

  • Membership registration for business application, company information and application form and submission required

  • ​The form in which the participating company purchases and issues a voucher through the final selection stage

​Project progress procedure

  • ​You can check U1 International service on the OKTA website of the implementing agency (Country Search: MALAYSIA)

  • Local business execution for 3~12 months, occasional business consultation, interim report and result report

  • ​Executing agency project cost settlement and overall evaluation

* Name of service performed (9): Market research / Buyer discovery / Marketability test / Public-private survey / Establishment of corporate branch / Distribution network entry point marketing / Export consultation / Briefing session, meeting, seminar / Sales Lab

For progress

Prior consultation

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