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Expatriate Training Program

​Education programs and online/offline seminars are held so that you can adapt to the local area sooner and expect the best business results through understanding the customs, culture, and market environment of the host country.

​※ Inquiry about tuition fee separately

① ​[Beginner] Localization program in Malaysia


-National overview of Malaysia

-Understanding of culture and Islam

-Political system and Bumiputra

-Simple Malay (Bahasa)

-Duration: 2 hours

​② [Intermediate] Seminar on market entry in Malaysia

-Investment environment and major issues in Malaysia

-Procedure for establishing a corporation (branch/contact office)

-License application and related organizations

-Malaysian tax system

-Foreign direct investment report

-Duration: 2 hours


③ [Advanced] Basic training for the head of a corporation: Introductory course for operating a local corporation


-Business etiquette in the host country

-Local Employment and Labor Standards Act (Wage, Personnel, Labor Management)

-Secretarial business

-Accounting, audit, annual financial reporting

-Incentives by industry and major government policies

-Duration: 2 hours

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