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​Relocation and settlement of residents

1. Expatriate relocation and settlement service

  • When dispatching expatriates, there are quite a lot of things you need to do, from preparing a residence visa to stay in the country of residence, choosing a place of residence, school for your children, and early settling.

  • Local experts from U1 Solutions closely provide the safest and fastest service to dispatched companies and expatriate families.

① ​Expatriate visa service / Guide to entry and exit procedures

  • Through detailed consulting for each type of visa suitable for the Malaysian dispatch type, we help companies and dispatchers to prepare their visa in the most accurate and reliable way.

  • After the coronavirus, we can safely start dispatch work by consulting on the preparation process and procedures in various immigration-related regulatory situations .

​② Children's International School Admissions Selection Service


  • The most worrying part when working overseas is the continuity of children's education. We provide one-on-one counseling on the admissions process of Malaysia's excellent international schools according to your situation.

  • Through the first consulting, we narrow the scope of candidates and visit each school in person to provide a one-stop service until school tour and admission documents are received and final admission.


③ ​Residential exploration / rental contract support


  • Choosing the most important place to live in overseas dispatch. We provide close consulting so that dispatchers can select the most comfortable residential area considering all aspects of living environment, educational environment, and surrounding living environment.

  • We provide assistance from property selection to unfamiliar real estate lease procedures and contract review in Malaysia.

④ Initial migration and settlement service

  • A local Malaysian expert will  guide you through all necessary preparations for your life in Malaysia.

  • You can quickly and reliably set up various parts required at the beginning, such as opening a mobile phone and internet, information on major living infrastructure, installation of water purifiers, hospitals, government offices, bank account openings, insurance information, etc. without trial and error.


⑤ Tax consulting / year-end settlement and report

  • Local income tax settlement on local salaries, tax deductions, tax issues when holding real estate, and local and local tax laws.

  • We provide professional consulting not only for dispatched expatriates, but also for inquiries related to tax/labor affairs of local subsidiaries at dispatched companies.

​⑥ Arrival/Departure pickup / vehicle purchase and rental

  • From airport pick-up upon arrival in Malaysia, to local car rental, car purchase, sale, insurance, etc., we provide vehicle operation solutions that are essential to expatriates and dispatching companies.

  • We cooperate with reliable local vehicle dealers and rental companies to provide prompt and safe guidance on your requests.

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