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​Vehicle and accommodation rental support

1.​Vehicle rental service

  • We provide short and long-term rental services at reasonable prices with the latest vehicles that customers want.


2. Accommodation rental service

  • It is the most important first start in the overseas dispatch life, the choice of a residence for the expatriate family.

  • Considering the surrounding environment, educational environment, and living infrastructure, we provide close consulting so that families can start living in the most comfortable environment.

  • We provide detailed guidance from property search to real estate lease contract preparation and review.

  • A typical expatriate living environment is as follows.

  • There are differences in the area of stay depending on the sending company, but this is the most common area to choose from.

▶​Kuala Lumpur area



The largest ethnic community in Malaysia

It is well equipped with living infrastructure such as Korean supermarkets and academies, and is adjacent to many excellent international schools.

  • MKIS Monkiara International School (American)

  • GIS Garden International School (British)

  • BSKL International School (British)

​② DESA PARKCITY Desa Park City

High-intermediate residential condos clustered around Lake Park

Smaller residential complex than Monkiara, but all infrastructure accessible on foot

10 minutes from Monkiara

  • ISP Park City International School (British)


​③ KLCC Kuala Lumpur City Center

As the capital's central business district, most commercial facilities are concentrated, and KLCC parks and luxury residences harmonize with each other, making it the center of life and commerce.

  • ISKL International School (American)

  • EATON HOUSE (British)

  • ALICE SMITH International School (British)

▶ Johor Bahru Area



Iskanda Malaysia New Town Development Project's B area, eco-friendly and comfortable living environment, and relatively low rental rates.

  • Marlboro International School (British)

  • Raffles International School (American)

  • Sunway International School (Canadian)

​② JBCC Johor Bahru City Center

Central business district of Johor Bahru, Malaysia's southernmost region, located between Singapore and 1 km of the Causeway as Iskanda Malaysia Area A.

  • REPTON International School (British)

  • REAL International School (British)

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