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​Employment Visa and Companion Visa

1. Work Permit

If you are doing business or job hunting in Malaysia, you must obtain a work visa and stay.

A work visa can be obtained through an individual screening after a local corporate screening, and those who have obtained a work visa are obligated to pay personal income tax.

  • You can stay with your spouse and children by applying for a Dependent Pass.

  • According to the Malaysian Investment and Development Administration (MIDA), the Malaysian government divides foreigners who are allowed to work into expatriates and foreign workers.

Dispatched foreigners refer to foreigners engaged in managerial, professional, and technical positions, and foreign workers are simple laborers engaged in agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.

The classification of dispatched foreigners and foreign workers is determined by the Malaysian government according to their nationality, and foreigners of nationality such as Korea, Japan, and the United States are stipulated to work only as dispatched foreigners. Employment is not possible.

① Type of Employment Pass (EP)

  • Malaysian work visas are classified into three categories as follows, and there are differences in basic benefits provided according to the contract details when working.


② Application documents for Employment Pas (EP)

※ All application documents must be submitted in English.

  • A work visa (EP) can only be obtained by applying from a company working in Malaysia (or a company residing in it), and the basic acquisition requirements are as follows.


2. PVP (Professional Visit Pass)-Professional Visitor Visa

The Professional Visitor Visa is a visa issued by foreigners with specialized skills or expertise who wish to perform related work in Malaysia for less than 12 months.

A local company that needs the manpower must be able to issue a PVP visa, and a PVP visa cannot be applied for a companion visa.

3. Business Travel Visa

  • For short-term business visits, you can apply for a 3-month travel visa.

▶ Application documents for travel visa

① Copy of passport

② Letter of invitation from local corporation

③ Business registration certificate of local corporation

④ Employment certificate of the currently employed company

⑤ Business trip permit from the company currently employed

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