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U1 Solutions

U1 Solutions is an official certified company which holds the license to carry out local business normally.

For the establishment of a incorporation, tax accounting, dispatch of expatriates, and settlement in market research for stable local advancement of Korean companies.

We provide a ONE-STOP SERVICE to local living support.

유원솔루션스 사무실 (1)

유원솔루션스 사무실 (1)

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유원 솔루션스 사무실 2

쿠알라룸프르 공유오피스

쿠알라룸프르 공유오피스

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조호바루 공유오피스 (1)


​Representative history of U1 Group

2008 Founded Malaysia Investment Migration Association

2004 Opened U1 INTERNATIONAL Korea office, cooperated with Korea Exchange Bank for foreign exchange remittance, registered as official Korean agency by Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia

2002 U1Consultancy SDN.BHD. Incorporation

Business management license

The license we hold provides ONE-STOP SERVICE from market research to corporate establishment, tax accounting, and local living support for the settlement of dispatched employees and expatriates for the stabilization of local companies in order to deliver accurate information.

2020   Korea Consumer Preferred Brand Awards (Overseas Migration Corporation), Established U LUX ASIA SDN BHD Consulting Firm , Selected as an OKTA Export Voucher, Established U1 JANA TRADING SDN BHD Medical Trade Firm, Obtained Approval for Official Antibacterial Product Certification by Ministry of Health, Malaysia

2019 Korea Consumer Preferred Brand Awards (Malaysia Specialized Group Category), East Malaysia MM2H License Acquisition

2018 U1 INTERNATIONAL Kota Kinabalu branch opened, KL & JB business gallery (exhibition center) and OKTA publicity exhibition center, Korea power leader award, U1 International Korea corporation establishment

2017 U1 SOLUTIONS SDN BHD corporation establishment , U1 CKH SDN BHD restaurant franchise corporation establishment, Korea Consumer Preferred Brand Award (Malaysia Division)

2016   U2 INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD Joho Branch opened, Korea Corporate Management Award (Global Management, KEMA)

2015 U2 INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD corporation establishment (Real estate investment, marketing corporation, Korea Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sponsored'Halal and food service industry policy direction' seminar invited lecture

2012 Acquired MM2H license, the only Korean company, renamed U1 INTERNATIONAL (MM2H) SDN BHD

2011 Jeju Self-Governing Province Overseas Investment Promotion Business Partnership, MICE Performance: Prudential Life Insurance

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Our Team

Our Team

All employees are made up of local resident experts, and local employees and strategic partners conduct consulting projects as a one-team for customer satisfaction.


• Group business management

• OKTA Malaysia Vice President, KOTRA Regional Expert Committee, former) President of Malaysian Migration Association

Gi sik, KIM, Director

•Foreign exchange and financial services consulting

Branch Office of Korea Corporation, Former Head of Foreign Exchange Bank Branch

Jin Hyun, KIM, General Manager

Local investment advisory, market research, seminar, event planning

•Factory establishment, real estate advisory

Yeong Won, Ku, Manager

Overseas expansion and market research, one-stop service

Buyer Matching, Investment Attraction, Accounting Major

LEE Yin Peng, Director

Certified accountant, tax accounting auditor

Accounting advisory, supervisory of the secretary

Gary LEE, Partner

Advocates & Solicitors, Legal Counsel

JV contract review, M&A law manager

Victoria.C, Manager

Local market research and marketing expert, event planning

•Finding buyers

Francis, Manager

•Development of sales channels, discovery of distribution channels

•Export marketing support

Hye Seong, AHN, Managing Director

Corporate affairs general, local tax accounting solution proposal

Local expansion planning, investment attraction, JV negotiation contract expert

•License, public procurement project proposal

Min Sung, KIM, General Manager

Overseas migration business, Malaysia local investment guide

Visa guide to the country of residence, operation of a Korean corporation

Sang Gil, KIM, Center Manager

Support for small and medium-sized businesses, export voucher business

Export Marketing (Management Instructor), Doctor of Technology Management

Jung Soo, KIM, Manager

Reviewing the feasibility of overseas expansion, finding buyers

Branching service, distribution channel operation, civil engineering major

WONG Siew Lee, Supervisor

Certified accountant, tax accounting auditor

•Providing tax accounting consulting and localization solutions

Norhaslinda, General Manager

Local government affairs, local negotiation activities

General management of residence visa work, license acquisition

Ija, Admin & Account

Local market research, accounting support, license acquisition

•Public office work

Nikhill, Manager

Distribution manager, buyer discovery, trade support

Online, influencer marketing

Kelvin, Manager

Support for East Malaysia expansion, buyer matching,

East Malaysia (KK) market research

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